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Det tar 10.000 timmar att bli riktigt bra på något. Genom måltider mellan nyanlända och etablerade svenskar, kan Sverige bli bra på integration. 1 lunch = 1 timme. 10000 luncher = 10000 timmar, inte svårare än så. Tillsammans kan vi ge en positiv bild av vad integration kan innebära.

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digital handshakes, everywhere.

Even with good intentions, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know how to welcome someone to a new country. That’s why we want to present the digital handshakes. A handshake is as easy as a like-button, except that it does make a difference in a person’s life. Physical distance and language barriers don’t matter anymore – now everyone can receive a personal welcome, one handshake at a time.

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how to handshake

In Welcome App, the questions asked symbolize people reaching out their hand. When someone answers that question, a connection is established – and the two meet in a welcoming handshake!

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Stötta Welcome ekonomiskt

Welcome drivs numera 100% av volontärer, och för att fortsätta kunna skapa skillnad på det effektiva sätt vi gör så behövs donationer som går till tekniskt underhåll av appen, utlägg för lokaler etc. Var en del av att skapa ett inkluderande samhälle på riktigt genom att stötta Welcome Movement.


In Welcome App you’ll find relevant events for you to join. If you are arranging events, this is the place for you to reach out and find new participants! Want to know more? Try it out, it’s free!

engagera ert företag.

Tillsammans kan ert företag och era medarbetare
göra stor skillnad på ett kul och enkelt sätt
genom “Welcome App på jobbet”.

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Every now and then we release a new episode of Welcome Podcast, where familiar voices are lifting up amazing stories. Read more

Hamzah and Anders

It started with an app, continued with a lunch and ended up with a programming internship. Hamzah, 21 year old, took a chance and didn’t regret it. Read more

free to use.

If you use Telenor or Telia you surf on Welcome App for free. To integrate should be free, and these operators are wonderfully supporting that.

Telia, Telenor





“The handshake is one of the highest forms of symbolic currency with the power to unite. It is a simple gesture that can be more informative to people than a whole host of grand speeches. It is also a “universal norm of reciprocity” and its rejection sends a powerful message.”

National Post

“orka käka en elefant,
men kan ta en bit iaf.”

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team, partners and board.

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